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details for the modern dog…owner


If you are a dog owner and sensitive to the boxes, crates, feeders and leashes you have on display in your home, a handsome and modern dog crate can be difficult to find. Aside from the standard, rectangular, wire crate that I purchased days after adopting Derby (above), I’ve made two crate purchases in pursuit …

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details…tile accent walls

I know that glass tile has been done over and over again, and I believe it is because it works – glass tile adds a sense of expansiveness with its translucent luminosity and, when paired with carefully selected companion materials, gives a true feeling of design cohesion. The tile used here for the Dwell Labs …

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the value of authenticity

I am a supporter of buying originals. As a designer, it is a no brainer – I value the process and product of design and want to support designers and their creations. The argument that I often hear is that people want the look of the chair but don’t want to pay the price. I …

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