details for the modern dog…owner


If you are a dog owner and sensitive to the boxes, crates, feeders and leashes you have on display in your home, a handsome and modern dog crate can be difficult to find. Aside from the standard, rectangular, wire crate that I purchased days after adopting Derby (above), I’ve made two crate purchases in pursuit of a more elegant solution. The BowHaus and the DenHaus (below) are two unconventional options, but after incorporating them into my interiors, I would not purchase them again.

The reason? Although both are perfectly good dog crates, (they are cleanable and double as end tables), they don’t really communicate “modern,” but rather “contemporary.” These crates are not at home next to a Corbusier lounge or Eames LCW. I could argue that the DenHaus fit well into the mod, Verner Pantonesque loft (pictured below), but I’ve been eager to find that perfect, modern solution.


Enter the eiCrate by designer Peter Pracilio. It happens to be orb shaped, a serious plus, and it doesn’t look like a prison. Better yet, I imagine a variety of Maharam fabrics could be used to cover the crate making it delightfully stylish. Of course, this wonder comes at a price, and at close to $500 you have to be serious about canine design. If you own an eiCrate, please drop me a line and let me know how it has been working for you and your pooch!